Saturday, 1 October 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Two

A slight change in schedule this week, as we're due to have a shiny new website installed tomorrow. (Fingers crossed, please.) However there is already a temporary update available which gives the first information about our two new titles, due for publication on 1 November.

We're always glad to see new work from JULIE BOZZA and ADAM FITZROY, two of the stalwarts of this Press, and we're very enthusiastic about these two titles - Julie's THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH and Adam's GHOST STATION. The latter is (completely accidentally!) rather well-timed to catch the Cold War spy vogue which seems to have started up again with the release of the new Tinker, Tailor film.

All the pre-publication tasks on these titles have now been completed except for making the .mobi and .epub files - a quick process - and updating the online shop module, which is always the last thing we need to do. We will shortly be turning our attention to the two titles we are preparing for 1 February - no rest for the wicked, we find!

Meanwhile, although sales from our own website have been slow, we are still doing rather well over at AllRomance. As far as our own statistics go, FOOL'S OATH was our top seller this week with an average response time of two hours and 38 minutes.

Wish us luck with the website!

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