Friday, 20 April 2012

New review of 'Fox Hunt'

Tom at 'A Bear on Books' has just posted a wildly enthusiastic review of Chris's FOX HUNT which includes the following:

Chris Quinton outdid herself with this sexy, funny mystery involving artwork, family secrets and maybe a supernatural creature or two. This is a nicely imagined, fantastically executed work with huge heart and soul.

We'd say it was well-deserved (it is!) - but then we're hardly objective where Chris's writing is concerned - so we'll simply confine ourselves to repeating something else Tom included in his review:

This book is just ripe for a sequel. Please?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Year Two Week Forty-Eight

Well, dear readers, here we are at the end of our second year of trading. Yes, we know it's only been a 48 week year but we're moving the start date so that 'our year' coincides more closely with the tax year; we hope that will make things slightly more convenient for those of our authors who pay tax on their royalties.

We have updated the website with details of our new titles, R.A. Padmos's new novel UNSPOKEN and, from an author new to Manifold Press, F.M. Parkinson, THE WALLED GARDEN. These are both historical novels which offer thoroughly absorbing portrayals of intimate relationships between men in times much less accepting than our own. They'll be available to buy from 1 May.

The past week has been mercifully quiet, with most of the sales being through our distribution partners. As far as our own website goes, the top seller was Chris's popular FOX HUNT and our average response time - since we were hovering over the keyboard - was 32 minutes.

In Year Three, we won't be burdening you with this information on a weekly basis but will save it for the end of each month instead. Such details, which were important when we were just starting to establish ourselves, are no longer of the same importance now; although we'll continue to monitor them, we won't be in quite so much of a hurry to share them in future. This means that we'll confine ourselves to posting whenever there is a review or a piece of substantive news to share with you, rather than once a week come hell or high water. The plan at the moment is to post statistical information on the first day of each month; fingers crossed that we can keep to that!

And to everyone who has been with us for the past two years/one hundred weeks - thank you for your support, and we're very glad to have your company as - to our slight astonishment - we embark on our third year of trading.