Friday, 23 November 2012

Elisa Rolle's Treasure Hunt

Forwarded at Elisa's request:

So another year is gone, and my Journal is now 6 years old :-) Since end of November is also really near the time when the Rainbow Awards will wrap up nicely (on December 8th) this year I want to have a joint party! So I asked to many of the authors in this year contest to be generous and donate a book or two... and the answer was overwhelming: 243 among print and ebooks!

But this time you have to "earn" your prize and so there is a "little" treasure hunt: nothing complicated but you need to complete a chain made of Title-Word-Definition-Cover-Number. How? I will try to explain LOL

We have 243 book titles, you can find them here:

The Books: (mirrored here if you don't have a LJ account to comment and you are not friend on LJ:

from each title I extracted a word, but be careful, same word can match more title, BUT there is an unique matching (example, if I have two titles, Love Story and Story of Me, "story" match both title, but probably, from the first title I took "Love" and from the second I took "Story". Your job to discover the right matching ;-)). You can find the words here:

The Words: (mirrored here if you don't have a LJ account to comment and you are not friend on LJ:

to each word corresponds a definition. The definition refers to single word (even if the word is plural) or not conjugated verb (even if the word is a conjugated verb). You can find the definitions here:

The Definitions: (mirrored here if you don't have a LJ account to comment and you are not friend on LJ:

Once you have the matching Book-Word-Definition, you need to go and search for the Cover here:

view the right cover, on the comment section there is a comment by me (Elisa Reviews) with a link to a post on LJ (Rainbow Awards: Current Submissions). Open the link and see what number was assigned to that book in that post.

Comment on THIS post ( mirrored here if you don't have a LJ account to comment and you are not friend on LJ:, sending me: Book Title-Word-Definition-Number. You can pick one book per day, if tomorrow there will be still available book, I will assign them. So you can send me more matching but first in-first out, you will win the first right matching still available book.

Exception, for the Book marked as New there is no Cover/Number, so once you have the matching Book Title-Word-Definition, you can leave the comment.

And now, lets the party start! Enjoy and good luck with your hunt!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

FAQs added to the website

Since we have found ourselves answering the same questions over and over again, we've just added an FAQ section to the Press website. If there's anything we've missed, or anything that isn't as clear as it should be, we hope readers will kindly draw our attention to it!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MAKE DO AND MEND by Adam Fitzroy

We've been made aware of a minor fault on some .epub and .mobi copies of MAKE DO AND MEND - the Welsh letter ลต (a 'w' with a circumflex) doesn't seem to be translating properly. It looks fine to us, but obviously some e-readers can't understand it and are substituting a question mark. We've already made new .epub and .mobi files for future purchasers, in which we've replaced (we hope) the character with a simple 'w', but if anyone who has bought the book so far would like a free replacement copy they have only to e-mail eaditter (at) manifoldpress (dot) co (dot) uk and we'll organise it for them.

Thank you to the reader in Australia who alerted us to the problem!

Friday, 2 November 2012

New books now on sale

Apologies for the delay in updating our LiveJournal this time - various logistical and technological hassles have made this one of our 'slightly less smooth' book launches, but we're just about back on the right track now!

So, we're delighted to report that Jane Elliot's THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE, the sequel to END OF THE TRAIL, and Adam Fitzroy's new wartime saga MAKE DO AND MEND are both now available to buy from our website/online shop.

In addition, we're very pleased to be presenting our first-ever 'box' set - an opportunity to buy Julie Bozza's two 'Albert' books in one value package! See THE COMPLETE ALBERT J. STERNE for details!

- - - - -

To conclude, here are the statistics for October. Julie's BUTTERLY HUNTER was again, to nobody's astonishment, our highest-seller, although that should not overshadow the achievement of Jane's ABOVE ALL which has also been selling magnificently. In fact we've just completed one of the busiest and most successful quarters since we started trading, and we're on a firmer financial footing than we've ever been - so the chances of our continuing to publish must be very much improved.

Average response time for October was very respectable indeed at 4 hours and 46 minutes.