Saturday, 15 September 2012


Our friends at AllRomance eBooks have asked us to help publicise an anonymous survey currently running on their website - specifically, as they say, to help them explore 'some issues about DRM and sharing'. The survey pops up immediately when you open their site here. If you have time, please go on over and answer a few questions for them (it will only take five minutes at the most), and spread the word to other readers too. Thank you!

Friday, 7 September 2012

New review of 'FOOL'S OATH'

While we're busy bringing out new books on a regular basis, it's very reassuring to know that people are still discovering - and reviewing - some of our slightly older titles.

Chris Quinton's FOOL'S OATH has just come to the attention of the reviewers at the Paranormal Romance Guild who, as you may remember, have an unusual 'dual review' format wherein two people review and discuss the same publication. In this case both reviewers seem to have been very impressed (and, indeed, why not?!) but unfortunately we can only quote from one!

This vampire is one cool customer, he shows the world a calm, quiet, dangerous side and he shows Xavi his softer side. If his looks and overall personality weren’t enough to pull me to him, the fact that he knows Xavi for exactly what he is and still cares for him would have me in his pocket.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Comcast saga rumbles on

1&1 are apparently 'still working on' the Comcast problem, whatever that means. They've just e-mailed to advise us to send e-mail attachments to Comcast users by another means 'momentarily' (we presume they mean 'temporarily') - only about four days after that solution had actually occurred to us. 90% of the time they're a perfectly fine company to deal with, but when something goes wrong like this you really have to find your own solution to the problem; frankly, their technical support is neither technical nor supportive.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Statistics for August

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who keeps track of our exploits, but our best seller for August has been Julie's BUTTERFLY HUNTER. As a result of that one highly enthusiastic review - and presumably word of mouth as well - sales have been very impressive; in fact, August 2012 has even edged out November 2011 as the most successful month since we started trading, and we've been kept very busy filling orders!

Not too busy, though, to keep track of our response times which, when crunched, averaged out at four hours and 46 minutes.

We have also learned two interesting things, which we record here for whatever value they may have:

1. Comcast seems to have our email provider, 1&1, flagged as a source of spam. We have tried repeatedly, but we can't seem to send emails with attachments to Comcast addresses - or to one particular Comcast address, anyway - although plain emails get through without difficulty. After raising support requests with our provider - and getting nowhere - we took the easy way out and got ourselves a backup account on Googlemail. Comcast, it seems, has no objection to Googlemail ...

2. A customer who had trouble making our online shop/Paypal combination work, and who had tried different browsers as we usually suggest, solved the problem by deleting her credit card from Paypal and then promptly reinstalling it - which would seem to indicate that the problem was with Paypal rather than with us. While we're sure the same thing won't necessarily work for everybody, we also thought it was a tip worth passing on. We should probably start thinking about having an FAQ/Troubleshooting page on the website, really!