Tuesday, 1 March 2016

We're moving to the "Coffee House"!

Good morning, all! Manifold Press will be going through some exciting changes between now and May. One of the earliest changes aims to consolidate our blogging efforts and integrate them with our website.

As you know, we have been running our blog on Live Journal and Blogger concurrently. These two journals will remain as they are, but we will no longer be posting to them. We now have a shiny new WordPress blog instead, that we dubbed the "Coffee House"!

We have imported all our old posts and the (unscreened) comments there.
Meanwhile, to help celebrate, we will be holding book giveaways over the coming week.

Thank you so much for being a lovely part of our presence here on Blogger. We certainly do hope that you'll make the move with us.

Sunday, 28 February 2016


Every now and then we get a review that's really difficult to quote from, because basically the book and the reviewer just weren't an ideal fit. This is the case today with a review of Julie's new book THE 'TRUE LOVE' SOLUTION published by reviewer Tamika on the blog 'Oh My Shelves'. We're very grateful for Tamika's time and her comments, but sadly it appears she wasn't completely wowed by the book. You can read her review in full here.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Saturday Historical Novelist Interview re A PRIDE OF POPPIES

The historical author Christoph Fischer reviewed our WWI charity anthology A PRIDE OF POPPIES for the Historical Novel Society, and we are absolutely chuffed that the title has since been shortlisted for the HNS Indie Award 2016.

Today Christoph has posted an interview with POPPIES editor and author Julie Bozza. If you would like to read more about Julie herself, the Press and the POPPIES project, please follow the link:

Saturday Historical Novelist Interview with Julie Bozza

 And thank you very kindly indeed to Christoph for the opportunity!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Over at Mortal Words, Narrelle M Harris has once more kindly reviewed one of our new titles - this time, Julie Bozza's THE 'TRUE LOVE' SOLUTION.

"All up, The ‘True Love’ Solution is a light, fun, gentle, sweet read that dances its sprightly way to a lovely and satisfying conclusion. It’s a perfect pick-me-up if life has seemed a bit dark lately, and a cheerful confection if life’s good and you want to celebrate True Love, even if it does wobble off course sometimes."

What author wouldn't give their right arm - or any other insignificant portion of their anatomy - for a similar review? Congratulations, Julie - and thank you again, Narrelle - you've really made our day!

Monday, 8 February 2016


Over at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews, Freya has been reading Chris Quinton's revised version of CARLYLE'S CROSSING. Whilst it's clear that the book didn't entirely hit the spot with this reviewer, it obviously wasn't a total 'miss' either - and some of the comments are truly treasurable!

Carlyles Crossing is an engaging tale. It didn’t give my emotions a huge workout, but I found it easy to follow, entertaining and it had a quiet intensity to it. The story has a subtle charm and believability that took me along on a sweetheart of a ride.

Thank you for your review, Freya - we're sorry you weren't completely wowed, but very glad you felt the book had merit; maybe we'll find something that suits you a little better next time!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


No sooner had we posted news of the previous two reviews when in came an e-mail about another - a review of Chris Quinton's re-release of CARLYLE'S CROSSING - which we thought we had better bring to you as quickly as possible, before we lose the plot completely!

Our friends at the Prism Book Alliance are, as always, very quick off the mark; we were particularly pleased with reviewer Josie Goodreads's comment that:

Chris Quinton is not the most prolific of authors but with her books you know quality rules over quantity, she never fails to produce wonderful stories and Carlyle’s Crossing is no exception.

This would be praise enough in itself, but when she goes on to add '[t]o say I was captivated by the story is an understatement' we know for certain that the book has found its way to an appreciative reader. Thank you for your review, Josie - and congratulations again, Chris; you're clearly doing something right!