Tuesday, 2 February 2016


No sooner had we posted news of the previous two reviews when in came an e-mail about another - a review of Chris Quinton's re-release of CARLYLE'S CROSSING - which we thought we had better bring to you as quickly as possible, before we lose the plot completely!

Our friends at the Prism Book Alliance are, as always, very quick off the mark; we were particularly pleased with reviewer Josie Goodreads's comment that:

Chris Quinton is not the most prolific of authors but with her books you know quality rules over quantity, she never fails to produce wonderful stories and Carlyle’s Crossing is no exception.

This would be praise enough in itself, but when she goes on to add '[t]o say I was captivated by the story is an understatement' we know for certain that the book has found its way to an appreciative reader. Thank you for your review, Josie - and congratulations again, Chris; you're clearly doing something right!

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