Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Mark at Sinfully Sexy is first out of the gate this time with a release-day review of Julie Bozza's new title THE 'TRUE LOVE' SOLUTION, which he seems really enthusiastic about! After a quick trot through the plot [spoiler alert if you click!], he comes to the following conclusion:

This book has no big angst factor, no biting your nails, no heart breaking break-ups, big tear jerking making up or reunion scenes and no broken characters. It is light on the erotic but thoroughly entertaining as it focuses more on the characters, and what wonderful characters they are too. I was in immersed in this book from the beginning and thanks to Julie’s wonderful writing was introduced to another set of vibrant, lovable characters.

To which we can only say "Yes!"

At the same time we were delighted to see one of our older titles receiving another airing - also on Sinfully Sexy - where reviewer Sally mentioned Chris Quinton's ALOES in the 'Quick Bites' section. This is the whole review:

One of the things I like best about Chris Quinton’s books is that you always get a bit extra. What could have been a fairly routine story of a new romance blossoming in difficult circumstances was made all the more exciting by the inclusion of the neat little paranormal twist brought about by Perry’s injury. There are some super secondary characters too, some of whom cloud the romance issue making it less cut and dried who Perry’s eventual partner will be and the story ends with challenges still to face but that just SUCH a nice change from roses round the gate and a baby on the way that I actually gave a little cheer. Thanks Chris.

I think it would be fair to describe that as 'small but perfectly-formed'!

Congratulations to both authors - and thank you, too, to both reviewers; we really appreciate you helping to spread the word about our books, and introducing them to a whole new group of friends out there in the big wide world!

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