Monday, 1 February 2016

Two new titles released this morning!

Good morning everybody, from a dark and soggy corner of the UK. Here, to brighten up your Monday, are details of the two new titles released today by Manifold Press.

THE 'TRUE LOVE' SOLUTION by Julie Bozza is the story of Jules, a devoted fan of author Ewan Byge, who grabs at the opportunity of purchasing a significant item of memorabilia only to learn that he's fallen victim to a fraud. In trying to extricate himself from this predicament he meets his hero in real life, and that's when things start to get really complicated...

CARLYLE'S CROSSING by Chris Quinton introduces us to Jubal, who - along with his best friend Sal - is reluctantly drawn the whole width of the USA to attend to family business and reconnect with his Abenaki heritage; it's the start of a sequence of mysterious events that seem well beyond his power to influence, but it seems his ancestors have other opinions! [NB: this title was previously published elsewhere, but has recently been revised and re-edited by the author.]

Because our titles are out on a Monday this time, we'll be holding our regular 'new book' Twitter chat next weekend instead - watch this space for further information - and, in the meantime, we hope you'll have a great week and enjoy reading our two new books!

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