Sunday, 30 October 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Six

Hooray! Another landmark! This Press is now a year and a half old. In the great scheme of things that probably doesn't seem like a lot - but, when you consider that we weren't at all sure we could set it up in the first place and even then we didn't know whether anybody would want to buy what we were selling, it seems like a modest sort of triumph to us.

Sales have actually picked up a little bit this week, after something of a drought, and our top seller has again been RAVAGES, with a tidy average response time of three hours and 47 minutes.

Rather less pleasingly, we've had to issue yet another DMCA Notice in the past 24 hours, when we discovered a copy of Adam Fitzroy's DEAR MISTER PRESIDENT available free of charge on another website - and not even intended for download, either; this time it was an open file to be read online. Our new enforcer, when she starts work, is certainly going to have her hands full we're afraid.

But ... our quarter-end book-keeping is done, our authors have all been paid, and we are now in the throes of the last preparations for launching the two new titles on Tuesday. Fingers crossed, please, dear readers!

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