Sunday, 16 October 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Four

Very little to report this week; business always goes very quiet just before the new titles are due out, and this is not a great time of year anyway - probably a lot to do with the new academic year and new TV schedules. However we had a respectable week, no overall best-seller but an average response time of 5 hours and 19 minutes.

We've taken the peace and quiet as an opportunity to crunch a few numbers, here at Mega-Headquarters, and are delighted to report that - all three outlets taken into consideration, ourselves and our two resellers - we have sold exactly as many books in the first six months of this year as we sold in the whole of last year. The numbers still aren't stellar by any means, but it's an encouraging trend - although we're not foolish enough to think that this means we'll double our business for the entire year. Nevertheless it means that we're in a reasonably strong position financially and will go into our second winter with a great deal of optimism; obviously we must be doing something right.

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