Sunday, 23 October 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Five

Wow. Only another week to go before our new titles are out. Happily we're all ready, and in fact we've been spending time this week making decisions about February and afterwards - and bringing the accounts up to date, of course. We've also recruited a new member of staff - who won't be able to start until the New Year because she's moving house - to take on the onerous responsibility of checking up on copyright violations and issuing DMCA Notices. Again, we'd like to ask readers who become aware of our publications being made available without our permission - the only authorised resellers are Rainbow Ebooks and AllRomance Ebooks - to let us know.

Anyway, you'll hardly be surprised to learn that we've had another slow week sales-wise; however our top-seller has again been RAVAGES and our average response time was fairly tidy at three hours and 41 minutes.

We were slightly confused by a review on GoodReads which suggested that 'Ravages' had a lot of 'spelling mistakes' in the text. We've double-checked our copy and found precisely one which seemed to have escaped the eagle eyes of the author, proof-reader and editor, so we can only imagine that this reader expected American spellings and considers everything else to be an error. Since one of the reasons for setting up this Press in the first place was that we chose not to be obliged to use American spellings - something insisted on by American-based e-book publishers - we found this highly ironic. However it's by no means the most egregious example of Not Getting It that's come our way recently, and I'm afraid we're just going to to have to agree to disagree with that reader about the correct way to spell words like 'honor' and 'catalog'!

The count-down to the new titles starts here. We hope you're looking forward to them as much as we are!

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