Sunday, 9 October 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Three

Is it really getting close to a year and a half since we launched this project? That doesn't actually seem possible!

Our two new books for November are all prepped and ready, ebook files made and checked, and even the online shop module has been made ready for the new titles. We're going to make a few more tweaks to the website as soon as we can, but otherwise we're very happy with the way things are going. Naturally we could always use more sales, but since every business since the dawn of time has probably been able to say that we're not going to be greedy.

Not surprisingly, RAVAGES was our top seller again this week, although due to one or two minor domestic entanglements our response time was hardly stellar with ten hours 52 minutes being the average. We hope to do slightly better in future, although now that we have most of our books available through distribution websites we're finding that people aren't so concerned with the time it takes us to respond - and, as happened this week, they're usually quite receptive when we explain the situation to them, for which we're grateful.

So, anyway, now we're turning our attention to February and we hope to have some snippets of news soon about what we're going to be publishing then. Fingers crossed, please!

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