Monday, 29 July 2013

New review of THE EAGLE'S WING

Yes, already; the book isn't out until Thursday, but obviously we have to send our review copies some time in advance and occasionally reviewers get the jump on us by posting early!

Josie Goodreads at Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books clearly enjoyed Cimorene Ross's debut novel THE EAGLE'S WING:

The Eagles Wing is the timeless story of two men from different walks of life growing to love one another, learning about each other. Together they face the challenges that their respective positions, and Keret’s past bring to them, there is a small amount of action and adventure but the plot moves at a very leisurely place, never really deviating from the main two characters.

It’s obvious the author has heavily researched the Roman period and the level of detail shows in every page. I loved The Eagles Wing and defy anyone who loves historical character based stories about trust, loyalty and how far someone will go for the one they love not to love it too.

That's a wonderful start, and we heartily congratulate Cimorene on making such an impression on her first-ever reviewer!

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