Friday, 19 July 2013


It's been a struggle this time, but as of 07.00 this morning our two new books are all finished and ready to publish! Unfortunately Manifold Press seems to be cursed with computers that don't like the heat, and we've had one or two logistical problems along the way. Nevertheless we're lucky enough to have good people helping us out who are prepared to work ridiculous hours, and we're back on schedule by the skin of our teeth!

Those of you who buy .pdfs will notice a change in format this time; we've gone for a larger page size to tie in with the new cover size we're going to be introducing. Over the next few months we'll be retrofitting all our existing .pdf files to bring them up to the same standard - after which, we hope not to have to change again for quite a while! (If at all.)

We'd also like to take this opportunity to mention that those of you buying Cimorene Ross's debut novel THE EAGLE'S WING will discover that there's a little more to the file than just the story. We've decided to include a couple of glossaries - one of general terms, one of specific people and places - for anyone who may not be completely familiar with the Romans and the way they did things. There's also a family tree so that you can keep track of Lucius Valerius Carus's many relatives. These take up a very small proportion of the page-count and we had briefly considered producing them as a separate supplement, but in the end we decided to package everything together for the sake of convenience. We hope that some of you will find this useful, and the rest will not find it too annoying!

And now the Press is going to have a brief break to recover from all this frantic activity and prepare itself for publication of our two new books on August 1st!


  1. I find that an excellent idea. This glossary certainly will refresh my memory! I'm looking forward to adding THE EAGLE'S WING & MONTANA RED to my collection ... *^_^*

    1. Thanks, Misty, we hope you'll enjoy reading them both!