Monday, 8 July 2013

New review of ALWAYS WITH US

Over at Jessewave, guest reviewer LenaLena has delivered her verdict on Morgan Cheshire's ALWAYS WITH US. It would be quite fair to say she wasn't exactly bowled over, but she still managed to find things to say about it that we are wholeheartedly able to endorse:

So it’s not a historical novel, but it really isn’t a romance either. I’m sure there are other people out there who disagree with me and who find this love story utterly charming in its restraint. The restraint matches the time period well, of course, and I actually liked the way the communication between the main characters was so very stiff upper lip.

It's true that some readers will find ALWAYS WITH US rather milder fare than they're used to - but we're assured that there are indeed a number of readers out there who prefer a more decorous and slower-burning type of story development, and we're very sorry that we were unable to meet this particular reader's expectations.

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