Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New review of HOMOSAPIEN

Yes, more than two years since the last one! Writer A.B. Gayle is clearly going through Julie's back catalogue and enjoying every one - and has written a thoughtful and articulate review of HOMOSAPIEN entitled "Is It Real? Who cares as long as it's Entertaining"

Again, it's a slightly difficult review to quote from, but we enjoyed this bit:

I really enjoyed the book both on a visceral and intellectual level. Those only looking for the former might be frustrated that we aren’t given the story in traditional format, but I doubt the theme could have been explored so effectively if we were.

It's always a treat when someone - especially a fellow-author - really gets what you're driving at; it makes all the hard work and the solitary hours of planning suddenly seem worthwhile, somehow!

Congratulations to Julie, and our thanks to A.B. Gayle.

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