Thursday, 1 August 2013

New titles now available!

As some of you already know, because the orders have been coming in since early morning, our two new books are now available to buy.

In case anyone's missed the advance brouhaha (unlikely, we know!) Cimorene Ross's THE EAGLE’S WING, set in Northern Europe during the second century CE, tells the entertaining story of Decurion Lucius Valerius Carus and the heathen slave, Keret, whom he buys on a whim. If you’re looking for a restrained, easy-going romance with a solidly-researched historical background, this could well be the book for you!

By contrast Jane Elliot's MONTANA RED is set against the background of the Old West; it details the adventures of the hapless Henry, when he accidentally falls into the hands of Red and his friends in the fascinating and secretive gay sub-culture of the nineteenth century. It's a little spicier than most of our titles, and we're certain it will be a great hit!

Anyone who collects statistics will be interested (but surely not surprised) to know that Julie's THE APOTHECARY'S GARDEN is still selling in phenomenal numbers and was our overall best-seller for July. The picture for sales on the website was far more diffuse, with no overall top seller and Julie and Adam Fitzroy coming in equal as best-selling authors; it's been a very odd month like that!

However, now we at Megaheadquarters can take a deep breath, gird up our loins (we might even stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood, if we can find the energy!), and start thinking in slightly more detail about our two 1 November publications. No rest for the wicked, you know ... and we're pretty sure that includes us!

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