Friday, 9 August 2013

New review of MONTANA RED

Hooray! The first review of Jane Elliot's MONTANA RED has reached us here at Megaheadquarters; it's by Raine at Jessewave, and the overall impression is a highly positive one:

The novel is wonderfully successful at creating the relentless graft of farming and restrictive small town life in the Montana of the mid 1860′s. This is not a pretty fictional western. The everyday details of blood, sweat and tears were managed with skill and without me feeling like a turkey overwhelmed by historical stuffing.

The review's summary also praises the book's '[h]ard edged historical realism with a warm hearted centre and some determinedly creative kinkiness', which is pretty much our own assessment of MONTANA RED - so congratulations to Jane for making such a good impression on the reviewer!

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