Sunday, 27 November 2011

Year Two Week Thirty

The Press is doing very well at the moment, so we'd like to take this opportunity of thanking all our readers for their part in making that happen. Having crunched a few numbers, we can report that November 2011 - although not over yet - has so far been our best trading month ever, with cumulative sales over our three platforms (our website, Rainbow and AllRomance) already 25% up on our previous best month. This is wonderfully encouraging, and we're beginning to feel that we may be around for quite some time after all.

We can also report steady progress on our forthcoming titles. Of our two books for 1 February, one has been with its proof-reader for a while now and the other has just been handed over; they both have covers, so very little remains to be done on either of them now. We have also made good progress on one of our titles for 1 May; it has a cover and is being edited at the moment. We have not yet made a definite decision about the second book for 1 May - there are two contenders, both in similar almost-completed condition, and we're waiting to see how the respective authors get on over the next few weeks before we come to any firm conclusions. Further down the line, we have items on our spreadsheet listed as 'new Adam Fitzroy project' (which sounds like a Sixties pop group to us), 'new Chris Quinton book' and 'new one from Julie Bozza' ... just so that you know everybody is still scribbling away busily; it gets quite addictive, after a while, and we don't think we'd know how to stop now even if we had to!

Anyway, our best seller this week has been GHOST STATION, with an average response time of five hours 17 minutes. We may be slightly biased, but we don't think that's at all bad...

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