Sunday, 4 December 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-One

A little quieter this week, which is only to be expected; people tend not to have a lot of time for reading in this part of the year. However we've sold a broad range of titles, with Chris's SEA CHANGE unexpectedly emerging as the week's leading seller. Despite one or two minor glitches - one poor reader's books had to be sent four times! - our average response time was three hours 16 minutes.

We've had the chance to do some 'big picture' thinking this week, which has resulted in a couple of technical decisions about the way we handle our accounts. We're changing the dates when we pay our authors, for a start, and it's also likely that we'll adjust our business year to fit in a bit more closely with the UK tax year - albeit we don't pay direct tax as a business because we're still too small, but some of our authors do and it may make life easier for them.

If you think that sounds boring, we've also had the first look at another new book which has been submitted for publication next year and we like the way it's shaping up. Plus we've been putting everything in place for our Christmas special offer, which is going to be a bit fiddly to organise but we feel it's definitely worth a try!

So, on the whole, a modestly productive and mercifully stress-free week; this can only be a good thing, right?

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