Sunday, 25 December 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Four

It may be Christmas Day, but it's also a regular Sunday and therefore here's a quick update on the week.

We sold a lot of copies of RAVAGES on the back of the recent excellent review, so although it's not the only title we've sold this week it was by far and away our best-seller. We had a few computer glitches, which resulted in the responsibility for order-filling being switched back and forth a couple of times, but nevertheless were able to produce a decent average response time of four hours and 37 minutes.

Preparations for the two 1 February titles are almost complete - aforementioned glitches notwithstanding. The layouts are done on both, and all that remains is what we call 'topping and tailing' - adding things like the ISBN, the credit for the cover photograph, and any personal messages or dedications from the author. Details of the two new titles will be posted to the LJ, blog and website on 1 January ... which, by an interesting coincidence, also happens to be next Sunday, so we'll see you back here then! Meanwhile, if you're celebrating any seasonal festival, we hope you will enjoy it ... and we'd like to close by thanking the friends who sent Christmas cards to the Press; we weren't expecting that, and it came as a delightful surprise!

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