Sunday, 18 December 2011

Year Two Week Thirty-Three

Another quiet week sales-wise, with GHOST STATION our highest-selling title this time around and response time averaging out at two hours and forty minutes.

Here at Megaheadquarters, however, we're gearing up for a very busy few weeks; we've had two new books submitted and both our two 1 February titles have come back from their proof-readers, which means that doing the layout/making the ebook files is now looming on the horizon. (No rest for the wicked, even at this time of year!) We're also looking at possible titles for later in 2012; there's plenty of good stuff in the pipeline, from old friends and new, and just at the moment the only limitation on our potential achievements is the ridiculously small number of hours in every day - whoever made that decision, in our humble opinion, just wasn't thinking big enough!

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