Sunday, 20 November 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Nine

Delightfully, and to no-one's great astonishment after the recent stellar review, our best-selling title this week has been Jane Elliot's END OF THE TRAIL. Other books may be selling in smaller numbers at the moment but it's been a pretty steady week generally and we've achieved an average response time which at 5 hours, 35 minutes we're reasonably pleased with.

Plans and preparations are going ahead for future titles and we've made significant strides on at least four of them this week - books that we intend to publish in February, May and August next year (although the final running-order has not yet been agreed upon).

One definite non-starter, however, will be the Olympics anthology which is now officially cancelled. We had a few vague expressions of interest from people but no actual enthusiasm or substantive proposals for stories, so we've come to the conclusion that perhaps it was a project too far for our authors; they obviously prefer to do their own thing, and who can blame them when it generally turns out so well? We hope no-one is deeply disappointed by this decision; we suspect not, however! It's not as if we didn't have plenty of other books in the pipeline, after all!

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