Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New review of 'The Valley of the Shadow of Death'

Phew, we're having a busy morning! The first review of Julie Bozza's THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH has reached us already - courtesy of The Romanceaholic who received an advance copy and has a lot of very positive things to say about the book:

The angst and tension caused by Carmine’s double crossing his boss/best friend was wonderful, and the courtroom drama a delight. The romance that was developing between Josh and Carmine was intense and angst-ridden due not only to the stress of the undercover operation, but because Josh had previously considered himself to be heterosexual, and as such was struggling with embarrassment, confusion, shame, anger, lust, guilt, developing emotional feelings and fear for Carmine’s life.

Carry on, Julie, you must be doing something right!

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