Sunday, 13 November 2011

Year Two Week Twenty-Eight

Another thoroughly successful week, we're delighted to say! It's beginning to feel as if we've really made it at last, through the tricky part of setting this Press up and getting it going, and have now fallen into a modestly successful groove. In particular we're very pleased to have the final drafts of our two titles for 1 February release already to hand, enabling our loyal proof-reading staff to work on them at their leisure over the winter. There are also more projects in the pipeline than we can ever hope to shake a stick at, with most of our existing authors already beavering away on new titles to set before you in due course.

Our top seller this week was Julie Bozza's THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH, with Jane Elliot's END OF THE TRAIL, once again performing strongly, pushing it all the way. Average response time was pretty creditable at two hours 45 minutes - not at all to be sneezed at, we feel.

The only slightly depressing item to report is the lack of enthusiasm following our call for stories on an Olympic theme. It seems that, on the whole, writers and readers are not inspired by thoughts of the Olympics, and with that in mind it's likely a decision will soon be made to cancel the project. This is therefore absolutely the last invitation to contribute to our Olympic anthology; if we receive no more positive responses within the next seven days, we'll formally call proceedings to a halt and concentrate our energies elsewhere. If there's no interest at this stage, there's unlikely to be any market for it either; therefore we'll redirect our efforts towards books that are more likely to find a ready audience - although we still believe that it was worth a try!

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