Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New review of A PRIDE OF POPPIES

As A PRIDE OF POPPIES finds it way out into the wider community the reviews are coming thick and fast - and sometimes from review websites we hadn't previously been aware of.

For example, there's a very fine response from a reviewer named Astilbe over at Long and Short Reviews, which singles out some of the stories for individual praise and ends with these words:

A Pride of Poppies: Modern GLBTQI Fiction of the Great War is a beautiful collection that I’d recommend to anyone who has even the slightest interest in World War I or GLBTQI fiction.

Also, although it's not a formal review in quite the same way, we're especially proud of a wonderfully detailed appraisal on Goodreads by author Bryn Hammond who gives it five stars:

It’s hard to rate anthologies: you’d never give five stars if it has to be for every story, and that isn’t fair on anthologies; I think my five means, this is an outstandingly strong collection.

Thank you to both Astilbe and Bryn for taking the time to express their opinions of our work; we really appreciate it and are grateful to you both for helping to spread the word!

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