Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New titles for 1 August announced!

We're a little early announcing our new titles this month but we're not going to have access to the Internet on 1 July so here - a few hours in advance - are the details of the two new books we'll be publishing on 1 August.

We're delighted to welcome back Jane Elliot, one of our most stalwart authors, who in an exciting departure for Manifold Press brings us what we hope will be the first book in a new line of female-female adventures.  In SMOOTHIE we meet Heather, not the sort of girl you'd really look at twice, who reveals some unexpected qualities when she's kidnapped and bundled into a series of high-octane adventures in the Florida Everglades at the side of the mysterious and devastatingly attractive Natalie ...

And over in Liam Livings' new title WRONG ROOM, RIGHT GUY we're introduced to Simon, who's struggling to be something he isn't - conventional, boring, and an English teacher - when inside he knows he's really a writer.  Blundering into the wrong room at his local Village Hall, he ends up with a group of recovering cocaine addicts rather than the creative writing group he was looking for - and that leads on to a whole series of misunderstandings which threaten to undermine the start of what could be a very promising new relationship ...

Both of these books have a light, fresh touch, and they take us on intriguing adventures with characters who are completely out of their depth; join us to see how, in their separate ways, Heather and Simon make sense of the bewildering situations they accidentally find themselves landed in!

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