Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Delightfully, Julie's BUTTERFLY HUNTER is still making new friends out there in the big bad world. This time it's come to the attention of the Joyfully Jay review site and has been featured in an unusual review for their 'Throwback Thursday' blog - we presume on Thursday 21 May.

Dave must teach Nicholas everything he knows about how to survive in the Outback as the search takes them through uncharted territory as the butterflies remain elusive. The men work well together and Nicholas makes it known that he is attracted to Dave. Dave cannot wrap his head around what he feels for Nicholas as the sight of the man’s many smiles and long pale fingers calls to him. Just as a butterfly transforms and changes, so will Dave as Nicholas becomes a need for him that he cannot live without.

On the whole, it sounds as if the book wasn't the perfect fit for reviewer Michelle, but she has some very nice things to say about it nonetheless; maybe we can find something that suits her better next time!

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