Friday, 2 May 2014

New reviews of A THREEFOLD CORD

The reviewers have been very quick off the mark this time, hovering over their keyboards in eager anticipation of publication day. In fact, one even got in ahead of time with a pre-release review!

First to pass an opinion was Jenni at Boys in our Books, who asks a series of very pertinent questions in her review, culminating in the following:

Has Bozza changed my mind about all ménage? Heck no. But if she’s writing about it, I’m reading it…and probably liking it lots.

Dead-heating for second place were Tina at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews ...

Love is love and it appears in all colours of the rainbow. When it comes your way, you better be ready to grab it with both hands. And once you have grabbed it, hold on to it, it’s a gift that needs to be cherished and to be held dear. And read this book!!!

... and Mandy at Hearts on Fire Reviews:

All I can say is, if you enjoy Julie’s wonderful writing or if you like ménage stories (and oh boy do I ever!) or you just want a beautifully told story with men finding their way together, this is THE book for you.

Thank you very much to all three reviewers for their time and their valuable comments; it would be difficult to imagine giving any book a very much better start in the world than this!

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