Saturday, 10 May 2014

New review of DANCE OF STONE

The first review of Jay Lewis Taylor's DANCE OF STONE has just been posted on the Boys in our Books blog. It's probably fair to say that it wasn't exactly the reviewer's cup of tea, but nevertheless they found plenty of complimentary things to say about it:

“Dance of Stone” is first and foremost a dive into the world of medieval craftsmen. The story takes more after a historical novel with gay characters than after an m/m romance in period costumes, which is noteworthy, and should please historical fans. Readers who favour elegance and delicacy in their stories should also enjoy it as long as they don’t mind the romance burning slowly in the back seat.

Thank you for your comments, Ilhem; we agree with you totally about the things you liked, and will respectfully differ about the rest!


  1. Loved the book and hope there are others in the future

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  3. Defeinitely! Jay's already preparing a second title for us, which we hope will debut early in 2015.