Friday, 30 May 2014

New reviews

As regular readers will be aware, we aren't always informed when new reviews of our books appear; indeed, very often the first we know about them is when there is a sudden surge in sales of a particular title! However we do also from time to time do searches to pick up anything we may have missed, which is how we came to know of the following two reviews!
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Reviewer Tina at The Novel Approach seems to have thoroughly enjoyed Julie Bozza's most recent offering!

I’m a big fan of Julie Bozza’s previous work. After my initial surprise at a ménage gay romance novel titled after a Bible verse, I found that A Threefold Cord is another great book by a favorite author. I found it to be uplifting and cleverly written. The pace, tone and narrative are all excellent, as if forming their own threefold cord.

What a lovely comment - thank you, Tina, we're very glad you liked it!

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Meanwhile, Ilhem over at Boys in Our Books has been reading one of our older titles, Morgan Cheshire's SOLEMN CONTRACT - and, without being completely wowed, still had some extremely positive things to say about it:

I’m surprised that this story remains underrated. Granted, it doesn’t linger on the sex scenes, but the romance is sweet, the feelings take their time to grow from friendship to love, the writing is smooth, and the twists and turns are bad enough to piss you off on Jem’s behalf, but not explored enough to make you feel bad. “Solemn Contract” will not shake your world, but it can provide an easy, enjoyable read and a nice change of scenery

We'd have to agree, Ilhem; those who like a leisured pace of storytelling and books that aren't necessarily sexually explicit will find a lot to enjoy in Morgan's book.

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Thank you again to both reviewers for their time and their comments, and we're only sorry that we were a little late in picking up on them!

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