Sunday, 8 January 2012

Year Two Week Thirty-Six

Well, our Christmas Sale is now officially over and to be perfectly honest it was a bit of a damp squib from our point of view; we probably didn't sell any more books than we would have sold anyway, and given the limitations of our online shop software - you can't input an across-the-board price reduction but have to change each item separately - the amount of work involved in setting it up (and then in changing everything back again afterwards) was unfortunately not reflected in the results. In future, therefore, any price reductions we make will be permanent ones - although we're not planning any at the moment.

There was no overall leading title this week; we sold a wonderfully diverse range of books instead. The average response time was seven hours 42 minutes, once again because the majority of orders came in from the USA at a time when we were not awake.

The two books for 1 February publication are all wrapped up and ready to go, and we've been spending time working on one of the books for 1 May. Looking further ahead, we haven't made any definite decisions yet about 1 August, but there are several fascinating projects in contention; it all depends on how much progress the various authors are able to make over the next few months - watch this space for further details as we get them!

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