Saturday, 14 January 2012

Year Two Week Thirty-Seven

Posting our weekly summary a day early this time, because tomorrow three of the stalwarts of Manifold Press - Fiona, Wolfbane and Morgan Cheshire - will be dashing off on a huge adventure, up the Great Orme in a Mini). This is our annual treat, but did not take place last year for family reasons; just as well, too, because as it turned out the weather was extremely unpleasant that weekend.

The statistics of Week 37 are quickly told; there was no overall top seller, and average response time was four hours and 37 minutes. Other than that, we can report only that we have taken several steps forward on future projects - one of the May titles, for example - and have come to some long-term strategic decisions which are much too boring to relate here. We'll all be back in our regular places by this time next week, and normal service will be resumed in plenty of time for the countdown to publication of our two 1 February titles.

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