Sunday, 22 January 2012

Year Two Week Thirty-Eight

No sales to report on the website this week, although we're still ticking over nicely as far as our two distribution partners are concerned. This isn't at all surprising; the pattern last year was very similar and there is usually a distinct dropping-off in sales immediately before new books are due to be published.

There has been some progress made on editing one of the 1 May books this week, and there should be more in the next day or two, but for long and complicated reasons we are not yet back at Galactic Megapublishing HQ and working instead from a rebel base on a frozen planet. Unfortunately that means we don't have access to all our files and software, so the fact that a last-minute typo has turned up in 'Fox Hunt' has had to be ignored for the time being; we'll have it sorted out before publication day, however ... mutter mutter three proof-readers, mutter mutter...

Absence from HQ is also the reason we haven't yet been able to pursue any of the multiple illegal downloads we discovered recently; it's right at the top of our to-do list when we're safely back at home, which will be Wednesday 25th.

If anyone's interested in last week's Great Orme expedition, it was a huge success - despite the extreme cold - and we should be able to post a picture at some stage. It was one of the brighter parts of a difficult week, and served to refresh three MP stalwarts who otherwise feel as if they very rarely get a day off! (We love our Press and our readers dearly, but we also know the value of the occasional rest.)

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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