Wednesday, 4 March 2015

New reviews

Apologies to the authors for a delay in bringing these to people's attention, but there is a small batch of reviews we haven't yet told you about!

To start with, Gay.Guy.Reading has delivered a verdict on Liam's new title ESCAPING FROM HIM:

I didn’t quit and enjoyed my journey. There were times I got lost in the words and really connected with Darryl. Those were the moments I just didn’t put it down.

The reviewer ended by calling it 'an enjoyable read', with which we totally concur!

In addition, Prism Book Alliance have been doing a 'Julie Bozza retrospective' - re-reading some of her previous titles. A reader named Lirtle posted three reviews, from which we quote below:

Not even halfway through this book and I knew I’d want to spend more time with Dave and Nicholas. I knew I’d want more of the quiet and oh so lovely atmosphere surrounding and running through them.

Low angst, passionate, cheeky, and lovely. Wonderful! This is going on my comfort read shelf, without a doubt. I’m loving this series and this writing.

And also, for a change of pace:

Every bit of this story serves the characters. No grand schemes or setting changes in attempts to create tension and curiosity. Everything centers around Hilary and Tom. For me, this made for quite a satisfying reading experience.

That's exactly what we're aiming for, Lirtle; thank you for your comments!

To accompany these reviews, Prism Book Alliance also conducted an interview with Julie which you can read here. It's all an absolute delight, and we'd like to thank our very good friends at the Prism Book Alliance for their time and trouble; we're very glad you all enjoyed the books!

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