Friday, 6 March 2015

Liam Livings - ESCAPING FROM HIM blog tour - and a new review

It's time for another apology - this time to Liam for the delay in posting these details of his recent Blog Tour. Unfortunately the giveaways are all now closed, but we're reposting the links here because we're sure the interviews that go with them will be of interest to Liam's readers ... and perhaps also to those who are not yet his readers but would like to know a bit more about our fine new author!

Liam's own blog
Elin Gregory
Clare London
JL Merrow and Charlie Cochrane
Prism Book Alliance
Love Bytes Reviews
My Fiction Nook
Because Two Men Are Better Than One
RJ Scott
Hearts On Fire
MM Good Book Reviews

The last link above also includes a review, which gives the book three stars, by Lisa.  She admits that 'basically it was just not my kind of story' but does concede that:

It was well written, with characters that can draw you out and have you wishing for the best with them.

It's a shame that the book didn't work for Lisa, but we're sure other readers will have a different experience of Liam's light-hearted and extremely enjoyable book!

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