Sunday, 4 March 2012

Year Two Week Forty-Four

No overall top seller this week - we're constantly astonished by the almost psychic ability of our customers to order equal numbers of a wide variety of titles! - and average response time was tidy but unspectacular at four hours and 27 minutes.

In other news, we've had great fun juggling books which have come back from their proof-readers; we had expected two, and in the end were surprised to receive three all within the same few days. This means things have become very busy here at Megaheadquarters while we sort everything out, but already two books have been returned to their authors for final polishing and the remaining one should go out in the early part of next week.

Behind the scenes, we've also been overhauling our accounts - not the most glamorous occupation but one of the most essential - and reckoning up our total sales, which are accumulating very nicely thank you. We'll be in a position to give you more information about that shortly, but let's just say that we're coming up on an important milestone and we're feeling very comfortable indeed about the future of this project!

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