Thursday, 8 March 2012

New review of 'Solemn Contract'

It's wonderful to know that some of our slightly older books are still working their way through people's review piles; today Elisa Rolle has published her response to Morgan Cheshire's SOLEMN CONTRACT. As it's in Elisa's own delightful brand of English it's been very difficult to pick out one line to quote on the website, so here's her concluding paragraph:

In a way that is the main point of this romance, it could have been a 100% breeches rippers, Jem could have been the perfect sacrificial lamb, all innocence and big, teary eyes, and Will could have been a 100% romance hero, knight in shining armor and all, but the author decided to play more subdue tunes; the drama is there, the love story also, but it’s all more sedate, less on the face of everyone, and that is probably correct because, even if you are in love, and people can see it, in 1720 Connecticut, living as an openly gay couple was not possible.

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