Sunday, 5 February 2012

Year Two Week Forty

A rather difficult week, what with one thing and another, but at the end of it we have published two new books, transferred another two to AllRomance and Rainbow, and reached a decision about our two titles for 1 August - so not at all bad!

To get the stats out of the way first, our top seller for the week was FOX HUNT and the average response time was six hours and 17 minutes.

And, in case anyone's still interested, here's a picture of most of MANIFOLD PRESS at the top of the Great Orme three weeks ago. We would like to point out that much of the odd shape is made up of the five sweaters we were each wearing ... much, but not quite all. This is in case anyone ever wonders what we look like - we hope this will serve to put them off! The picture was taken by another member of our team, Wolfbane.

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