Sunday, 26 February 2012

Year Two Week Forty-Three

A nice boost to sales following the week's excellent review of ALBERT J. STERNE: FUTURE BRIGHT, PAST IMPERFECT, so there should be no mystery about this week's best-selling title. Our average response time didn't exactly suck, at four hours 47 minutes.

This is probably a good moment to mention that Year Two will only be forty-eight weeks long as we're changing our accounting procedures. That actually sounds more important than it is; the idea is to try to fall more closely into line with the UK tax year. It's not essential, but anything which might be useful to our authors is fine with us.

We're expecting two books back from proof-reading this week, one of which is for May publication and the other one - nicely ahead of schedule - is for August. We also have covers ready for both our August books, even though one of them isn't actually finished yet! So, we're now in the odd position, at the end of February, of looking ahead to decide what we're likely to be publishing in November.

When we started this venture we said we would give it two years to see how it turned out. The two years will be up at the end of April and it certainly looks as if we'll be continuing for the foreseeable future; we feel we're getting the effort/reward balance just about right at the moment and that's good enough for us. We're very glad to have all our loyal readers along with us for the ride.

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