Sunday, 28 August 2011

Year Two Week Seventeen

A quiet week again, with no direct sales from the website - although one arrived after the cut-off point so it will be included next week. We're not too concerned - the summer months were rather quiet last year, too, and we've certainly done better than we did then! On the whole, in fact, thanks to Rainbow and AllRomance, August 2011 has been one of the most successful months we've ever had.

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We'd like to draw your attention to some wonderful comments made about RAVAGES by a reader named Jennifer on the GoodReads website. As both GoodReads and the very similar ManicReaders operate on informal reviews - and as there can therefore be rather a lot of them - our general policy is not to include comments from them on our own site (which is being redesigned even as we speak!) but we felt we should draw your attention to them in this particular case.

Amongst other things, Jennifer makes this observation:

After awhile you realize that it doesn't matter if these two are gay or heterosexual because these are real people, not caricatures of people, gay or otherwise.

This, we feel, sums up very nicely not only the great strength of RAVAGES as a novel but also the entire ethos of Manifold Press; we're not really in the business of producing male-male porn (although we certainly don't object to it!) but satisfying and hopefully realistic fiction about people who just happen to be gay.

And in the great scheme of things - although we'd obviously like more sales - there's a huge amount of pleasure to be gained from just knowing that we're reaching readers who really understand what we're about. It would be fair to say, in fact, that Jennifer's lovely review has completely made our week!

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