Monday, 1 August 2011

Two new titles now available from MANIFOLD PRESS

At last, it's August 1st - and we're delighted to announce that our two most recent titles have now gone live!  So hurry on over to our website/online shop and you will be able to order:

RAVAGES by R.A. Padmos

Steve Gavan and Daniël Borghart are professional soccer players for Kinbridge Town - and also secret lovers.  All that changes, however, when Steve innocently wanders into a city park and falls victim to a vicious gang of queer-bashers who beat him within an inch of his life.  After that there are no secrets any more - and it's a very long road back, for both of them, from there...


SOLEMN CONTRACT by Morgan Cheshire

Connecticut, 1720:  In an attempt to give his family financial security, school master Jem Bradley hires himself out as an indentured servant - and thus begins an odyssey which will take him to the small settlement of Kennet and a burgeoning friendship with enigmatic blacksmith Will Middleton.  Trouble is never far away, however, and when Jem is accused of committing a bloody murder his future begins to look very bleak indeed...

* * * * *

While we're at it, we should say that we've redesigned the online shop module for a smarter, more modern look.  We're wondering now why on Earth we ever chose that 'book page' layout in the first place, and indeed why we stayed with it as long as we did, but we hope you'll agree with us that the new look is a considerable improvement.

Oh and we redesigned the LJ too ...

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