Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Queer Company event and 'A Certain Persuasion' anthology


 We are all a tad overexcited about our QUEER COMPANY 2 event, even though there's still something like 340 sleeps to go until Saturday 5 November!

The event is strictly limited in terms of size. We are planning for a happy yet relaxed sense of being among a small group of friends. We have chosen the venue accordingly - and even though we are booking out the entire place this time, our numbers are still limited to 50.

We have already received over 20 registrations, so if you can plan ahead for next November, it might be worth securing your place. Also, you might like to take advantage of our early bird rate for the delegate's fee of £40. This will go up to £50 from 1 February.

We are utterly delighted to welcome Sue Brown and UK GAY ROMANCE as our first sponsors. It's terrific to be partnered up with this blog which does so much to promote British authors, British characters and British settings in our global genre.

If you'd like to discover which other cool people are already registered, check out the WHO'S COMING? page on the event website!


Many of us are re-reading our Jane Austen novels - and some of us are even writing our stories already - for this anthology which will feature LGBTQIA fiction based in the Austenverse.

The new release date is 1 November, to tie in with QUEER COMPANY. The deadline has been shifted accordingly, to 1 May 2016. So, maybe that makes it possible for you to contribute as well ... ? You'd be very welcome.

Check the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS page for details!

Wishing you all well, no matter how / whether you celebrate this festive season.

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