Friday, 21 August 2015

New review of A PRIDE OF POPPIES

We're delighted to find that our Great War charity anthology A PRIDE OF POPPIES is continuing to make good friends. Prism Book Alliance has just posted a thoughtful and supportive review by Feliz.

My favorites were “Lena and the Swan” by Julie Bozza which was just delicious, like a picaresque novel, only with a female protagonist, and “Per Ardua at Astra” by Lou Faulkner because it reminded me so much of my grandpa. ... It’s high-quality writing throughout, not to be consumed as a whole, but best enjoyed one story at a time.

I trust that the other eight authors will forgive me for quoting Feliz's responses to two specific stories, but I felt this perfectly illustrated how many readers respond to this anthology: they find a few or more stories which resonate with them personally, whether due to style or character or a recognition of our fellow human beings. And that is great praise indeed.

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