Monday, 6 April 2015


No, that's not a new mash-up title ... although now that we think about it the visuals would be quite intriguing ...

Public holidays are often a busy time for reviewers, and this Easter has been no exception. No less than three new reviews of our books have already appeared, and for all we know there may well be more to come!

In purely chronological order, therefore, we start with Dan at Love Bytes giving his verdict of Julie Bozza's recent MITCH REBECKI GETS A LIFE. It didn't completely float his boat, alas, but nonetheless his review ends with these encouraging words:

I enjoyed the book. It was well edited and I would say the writing is above average. It was an interesting afternoon’s read.

Over at the Prism Book Alliance, reviewer Lirtle seems to have had a very positive experience reading Jay Lewis Taylor's DANCE OF STONE:

This is fiction at its finest, with elements of the family you make, the choices sometimes forced upon you, romance, love, heartache and joy, the struggle to do right and survive the pain.

This is the sort of review an author (and indeed an editor!) dreams of receiving, from a reader who has obviously enjoyed every single word!

Lastly for this time, but by no means least, we have Mark at Sinfully (formerly Sinfully Sexy), who has also been reading MITCH REBECKI GETS A LIFE:

... if you’re expecting a smouldering M/M romantic thriller with huge amounts of M/M sexual tension and sex scenes that will burn a hole in your Kindle then maybe this book won’t be for you. However, I enjoyed this book a lot purely for what it is and that for me was a story about investigative journalism, journalist helps cops to solve crime, end of story. If you can go with this then you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did I’m sure.

Along with his thoughtful review of the book, Mark also raises an interesting point regarding the fact that the character of Mitch is initially a smoker; it's interesting to reflect what a taboo activity this has become in recent years, and whether or not including a character who smokes might influence a reader's enjoyment of a story. We'd be fascinated to have your views on the subject, one way or the other!

We'd like to thank all three reviewers for their time and trouble, and we're very glad that on the whole they seem to have liked what they read; we can assure them, and everyone else, that there's plenty more good stuff on the way from MANIFOLD PRESS!

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