Wednesday, 31 December 2014


We may have mentioned this before, but sometimes reviews are like London buses - you can wait ages for one, and then all of a sudden two arrive together! At any rate it would seem that some reviewers have been using their holiday break to catch up on reading assignments, and as a result we are now able to bring you new reviews of two of our books. In the order we received them, therefore... Over at Reviews and Ramblings, the wonderful Elisa (does she ever take a day off, bless her?) has been reading Jane Elliot's THIS MEANS WAR. Her comments are brief but include this gem ...

They are clever but innocent pranks, and in the middle of them, Jasper and Brian enjoy a lot of sex and good friends. There is a moment of climax, no pun intended, just a touch of drama, but truth be told, I didn't need it much, to me the story as it was had already satisfied my needs

... and that last line is exactly the accolade every author strives for!

Meanwhile, at the Prism Book Alliance, we have reviewer Feliz's take on Chris Quinton's most recent title UNDERCOVER BLUES:

All in all, this was a deliciously intricate caper-mystery-spy novel that I most certainly will read again in order to (re)discover and enjoy all the tiny details that made it such an enjoyable whole. Highly recommended.

Moreover, Chris appears to have 'converted' a reviewer who wasn't previously a fan of historical novels - which strikes us as a very notable achievement indeed.

Congratulations to both authors on impressing these reviewers - although we'll quietly admit that we're not remotely surprised to learn of it! - and thank you to the reviewers for their time and their good opinions; isn't this just a brilliant way to end one year and look forward to another?

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