Saturday, 1 November 2014

Two new books released today!

Good morning, everyone, from the (cold and dark) UK!

Our two new titles, Julie Bozza's THE THOUSAND SMILES OF NICHOLAS GORING - which concludes her Butterfly Hunter trilogy - and Chris Quinton's historical novel UNDERCOVER BLUES, are now on sale not only through our online shop but also through our other outlets: AllRomance eBooks, Smashwords and Amazon. (If you don't see them immediately in your particular part of the world, it's only because they're still working their way through the system.)

We're aware that in the past some readers have been frustrated by the 'staggered release' of our books, even though we explained why it was necessary at the time. The simple fact was that, starting Manifold Press completely from scratch, we thought it wise to learn to walk before we tried to run. It's now been almost five years, though; we think we've mastered the 'walking' thing, and we're looking to pick up speed a little bit - and this is our first modest step.

For the time being the online shop facility will remain available, but in due course we'll be looking to phase that out so that you can buy quickly and easily from one of our distribution partners; that will, in turn, free up person-power here at Manifold Press Megaheadquarters which can be devoted to other essential parts of the publishing process. We may move slowly compared to other organisations but we don't want to stand still altogether; after all, there are still plenty of fascinating places that we want to go - and we like to think we'll be taking you with us!

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