Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August titles available on all platforms!

It's taken longer than it should have this time (we'll explain why in a moment!), for which we apologise profusely, but later on today it should be possible to purchase our two most recent publications through our distribution partner sites.

Just in case you're in any doubt, the titles are:

RANDY by Jane Elliot - the tale of Garrison who – down on his luck after a series of catastrophes – is rescued by a young man who will change his life in ways he can’t even begin to count. Unfortunately, though, the path to true love never did run smooth…


HUNTED by Liz Powell - Adam is a professional footballer, and everything he says or does is subject to scrutiny; when rumours of his affair with team-mate Louie begin to surface, he might just as well have a target painted on his back – and Adam’s increasingly desperate efforts to deflect suspicion only seem to make things worse…

The delay this time has been caused by a major upheaval at Manifold Press Megaheadquarters; we've actually moved fifteen miles or so up the road to a new location, from which we'll be operating for about a year - and then there will be another and hopefully permanent move towards the end of 2015. We're doing our best to make this as seamless as possible for all our loyal readers, but we hope you will forgive us (not least for the mixed metaphor!) if there is the occasional bump in the road.

Statistics for August will follow as soon as we have them; we're experiencing a slight operational difficulty - just not enough pairs of hands available at the moment to do everything we need to do - but we doubt anyone will be seriously inconvenienced by the lack of statistical information and therefore on this occasion we hope to be forgiven!

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