Friday, 1 August 2014

Two new titles published today!

Our two newest titles are now available to order!

There's a welcome return for Jane Elliot, who brings us another of her always-popular authentic stories featuring gay life in the Old West. Here, it's the tale of Garrison who - down on his luck after a series of catastrophes - is rescued by RANDY, a young man who will change his life in ways he can't even begin to count. Unfortunately, though, the path to true love never did run smooth ...

The main protagonist in Liz Powell's novel HUNTED is facing a similar crisis - but there the similarities end! Adam is a professional footballer, and everything he says or does is subject to scrutiny; when rumours of his affair with team-mate Louie begin to surface, he might just as well have a target painted on his back - and Adam's increasingly desperate efforts to deflect suspicion only seem to make things worse ...

Liz is a new member of the MANIFOLD PRESS family; we'd like to welcome her to the fold and wish her and her book every possible success.

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