Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New reviews of THIS MEANS WAR

Just before all the madness started ahead of UK Meet - which we'll be telling you about when we've got our breath back properly! - we were notified of a couple of new reviews of Jane Elliot's recent title THIS MEANS WAR. Taking them in chronological order, the first appeared on Boys In Our Books on 2 February but unfortunately slipped through the net. Reviewer Ami wrote:

It was a nice read – I still enjoyed it, especially because Brian could surprise Jasper when it came to pranks. But was it a needed sequel? Not so much, unfortunately. And would I actually recommend it? Uhm, only if you are okay with slice-of-life and enjoyed the first book…

Clearly it didn't quite push all her buttons, which is a shame, but we appreciate her comments anyway!

More recently, Portia de Moncur at MM Good Book Reviews had this to say:

This story has a bit of everything, fun pranks, snarky jasper, a broken Brian a cute, funny cat, and mystery. The sex scenes while hot are very tastefully done and for the most part off page.

If you like, a fun, fast-paced story with romance and mystery, like pranks, broken men, ex-military men, smart men, good friends, adorable cats, and committed couples this is for you. I can’t wait for the next one.

Which only goes to prove that tastes differ, and it's quite impossible for everyone to like everything equally! Thank you, too, to Portia for her comments.

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On a slightly different topic, we don't think we've mentioned yet that two of Adam Fitzroy's books, STAGE WHISPERS and MAKE DO AND MEND, are now available in PoD editions and can be bought directly from CreateSpace or from your local Amazon Marketplace - see links on the appropriate pages of our website. We understand that Adam is also planning to offer some copies on eBay in due course.

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